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Sex Positions Shuttle

Also known as Cowgirl or Woman on Top position, this is best suited both for new or experienced partners. Herein the male partner lies on the back putting legs in the criss-cross pattern while the woman lies on her face to face. You can enjoy kissing, anal sex or play with her boobs. You will love the steamy sex through this enjoyable Shuttle position that will help you say goodbye to stress and boredom. Enjoy vanilla sex with the voluptuous Affordable Chandigarh Escorts or sexy college girl and experience euphoria and excitement. Moreover, getting engaged in this sex position also allows you to switch roles. A person can exercise greater control by grabbing buttocks of the woman and applying thrust at their own pace.

Sex Positions Mermaid

It is one of the most favorite sex positions in which the male lies on his back with legs slightly bent at the knees and the woman lies on top of her partner with the legs slightly bent and face backward. The woman simply lowers her back till it rests on the chest and stomach of the male partner. She needs to lift her legs into the air supporting them her hands. The male can play with the breasts, clitoris or butt and enjoy. You can choose horny models escorts or curvy college girls, housewives for enjoying the mermaid sex position. Release stress and experience pleasure as never before.

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